Moving in

We would like to warmly welcome you to your new home, serviced by us.

It can take time to get used to a new area. When you have moved all of your things in and spent your first night in your new home it will be time to turn your attention to handling your day-to-day affairs. You may have a number of questions: Where are the shops, bank, post office, pharmacy and other services? Where are the nearest public transport stops? These pages contain some information to help you get started in your new neighbourhood.

Matinkylän Huolto´s customer service point

Our customer service point is located at Matinkatu 20. The door to our office is between the C and D blocks on the pedestrian level.

Our customer service point can help you with a number of matters related to your move, including change-of-address notifications, keys, sauna times and parking spaces. The "Contact information" page contains detailed contact information including phone numbers.

Change-of-address notification

Notify the Local Register Office of your new address within a week of moving.

You can do this by calling +358 200 71000 (service in Finnish) or +358 200 27100 (service in Swedish) Mon-Fri, 8am-8pm and Sat 9am-2pm.

These phone lines provide personal service. You will be charged for the call, including time spent on hold. The Population Register Centre can provide further information about this.

If you are moving from abroad, you cannot make this notification by phone. This notification can be made by filling in a form that is available at our customer service point, at post offices, at Local Register Offices and at Kela. For further information, consult

Notify the property management company and maintenance company of your new address.

You can make this notification when you move in or out by writing to Matinkylän Huolto´s office or by using the change of address form. Notifications made to the Population Register Centre will not be passed on automatically. You can also send the notification to us by fax or drop it into the postbox at our office. You can also make a free-form change-of-address notification as long as it includes all of the necessary information. You can also use the Local Register Office´s form as a template. Please also remember to inform us if a child is born. The change-of-address notifications are used to record information on the occupants of each residence. If you forget your key, the door can only be opened to you if you are in the building´s register of occupants.

Moving in: a checklist

  • Notify the property management company and maintenance company of your new address change-of-address notification.
  • Make or transfer a contract with and electricity company.
  • Notify your bank, insurance company, newspaper distribution, etc., of your new address.

Public transport

Public transport timetables and route descriptions can be found at

Health station

Matinkylä health station is located at the junction of Matinkartanontie and Matinkatu at Matinkatu 1. See for more information on health services.

Library services

Library Apple is located in the Iso Omena shopping centre on the service floor (floor 2), at Piispansilta 11. See for contact information and opening hours.

Schools and nurseries

The area has primary and secondary schools and several nurseries, with education in Finnish and Swedish. See the City of Espoo´s website for further information on schools and municipal nurseries (

Sports facilities

The area has good sports facilities including gyms, an ice rink, a playing field, a tennis court, a sports centre and a marina. See the City of Espoo´s website for further information on sports and outdoor recreation ( You can also contact local sports clubs for more information.



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