Local knowledge is an undisputed benefit for property maintenance. We know our customers´ properties inside out so we can help quickly. Our local knowledge and proximity to customers creates a sense of security and enables good interaction and quick service.

Our property maintenance service is on call 24 hours per day. It takes care of the technical aspects of the property and can also provide local services such as managing keys and parking spaces. Property maintenance also includes looking after the outdoor areas and the environment more generally. In the winter we shovel snow and grit the public areas. In the summer we take care of plants and green areas. All year round we look after the public areas to ensure they are clean and tidy. Each of our customers can decide on the duties they assign to us. These are set out in the service contract.

If you phone Matinkylän Huolto, 09 804 63201 your call will always be answered by a human, 24 hours a day.

Energy management

Consumption of energy, electricity and water represents a significant expense for housing companies. We report on each property´s energy and water consumption four times a year by posting information on the housing company´s noticeboard. We also monitor long-term changes in temperature and water consumption by comparing these with trends. These comparisons can help to forecast forthcoming renovations, in some cases revealing that they need to take place earlier than expected, thereby reducing renovation times.




Arto Pakkala, huoltopäällikkö

(09) 804 63 237

etunimi.sukunimi (at) matinkylanhuolto.fi

Tiina Kärki 2

Tiina Kärki, töidenvastaanotto/laskutus

(09) 804 63 265

etunimi.sukunimi (at) matinkylanhuolto.fi


Niko Paulaharju,

(09) 804 63 268

etunimi.sukunimi (at) matinkylanhuolto.fi



Kari Ruusukunnas, työnjohtaja

(09) 804 63 204

etunimi.sukunimi (at) matinkylanhuolto.fi


Tarja Sivula, töidenvastaanotto/-laskutus

(09) 804 63 206

etunimi.sukunimi (at) matinkylanhuolto.fi